Mr.Choate | About
My name is Johnathon Choate and I am a photographer based in the Iowa City area. In 2010, I graduated with an associates degree in Graphic Communications from Kirkwood Community College. Throughout my schooling, I never had any intention to become a photographer. The more graphic design jobs I took, however, the more I realized how much I was relying on purchasing stock photography. That irritated me. I wanted to make 100% original works for my clients--including original, unique photography. Within a couple of months of graduating, I purchased a cheap digital camera and started using original photos for projects. Needless to say, I got hooked.

As time went by, friends and family members started asking me if I would take their family portraits. For the first year, I did so, but refused to accept any money. In early 2012, I had gradually upgraded to my first professional DSLR, complete with lenses and lighting gear. I then took my first wedding photography job in Honolulu, Hawaii in March of that year. Since then, I have photographed over half a dozen weddings, with many more to come. I also have found a love for commercial photography as well as portraits and head shots.

Please feel free to message me with any questions or comments. I am very thankful for my clients and am very much looking forward to working with future ones. Thanks for stopping by!